Russel Byers Volunteer Program

Help a Child By Tutoring or Chaperoning Field Trips 

The Yale Club of Philadelphia is working with the Russell Byers Charter School, at 19th & Arch Streets in Center City, to enhance the learning experience of Middle School children. If you would like to join with other alumni and their friends and family members in this effort, please volunteer for one or both of our activities:

  1. Tutoring. Can you spare a half-hour a week for 8 weeks to help 5th graders with reading? After a training session with the school’s reading specialist, each volunteer will meet with the same child during the lunch period (12-12:30) on a day of your choosing, to read together, play word games, and do other age-appropriate activities geared towards reading. If lunchtime doesn’t work for you, some of the children may be available after school, between 3:30 and 6pm. This part of our program will take place from mid-October until mid-December.
  2. Chaperoning career-exposure field trips. On Thursday, December 6, 2012, and Thursday, May 9, 2013, we’ll accompany the 5th graders on field trips to places where they can learn about various career opportunities, through conversation, observation, and hands-on activities. Last year, we took the children to visit WHYY and the Einstein Medical Center. This year’s destinations remain to be decided. We will also have a kick-off luncheon with the children at the school on Thursday, October 18, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., geared to the theme of exploration and discovery.
  3. Other Ways to Help: Ideas, Connections, Donations, Etc. You can help in many ways, including providing ideas and connections for field trips. To help defray our expenses, you can contribute by donating books, other program-appropriate materials, or money in any amount. Suggestions to improve the program are always welcome. We are working to build our connection to Russell Byers Charter School and you can make a difference through direct and indirect support.

For more information about our program with Russell Byers, or to volunteer, please contact

Nancy Bregstein Gordon (ES ’73) at or

Bret Asbury (Law ’03) at or

Kay Tucker Franklin (CC ’73) at

Rev. Jesse Garner (SM ’73), at


You can read an example from recent intern, Miriam Rock, here.