Donors Supporting the Yale Club of Philadelphia

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Donors Supporting the Yale Club of Philadelphia

Thank you for your generous support of the programs sponsored by the club, donating more than the annual amount suggested for alumni of different graduating classes (currently $25/$50). Only through your support, we have been able to continue the summer fellowships for graduate student research and undergraduate community services, the book club awards for promising high school seniors, and the Yale Day of Service.

Robert Abramowitz     David Acton     Yeonmi Ahn     George Ahrens     Robert Beaney     Shira Beckerman   Stephen Billings     Adam and Maralin Blistein     Charles Casper      Steve Chawaga     Steve Dana      Robert  DeCoursey     Charlie Dilks   Ellen Evans    Graham Finney   Kenneth Fleisher    Michael Freeland     Dave Freeman     Murray Gerstenhaber     Ravi Goel   Tamar Granor    Richard H. Gwinn   William Herman    Ralph Hirshorn    Marshall Hamilton    William Herman    John Hoffaker    Neil Hoffman    Gardner Jacobs Ruth Karras    Mary Keefe    Eiko Klimant   Catherine Lafarge   W. Jeffrey Lee    Elliot Levine   Charisse Lillie    Duane Malm    Joseph Manko    Robert Marvin    Merrill Mason    Stephen Mauda    Jenn McCoubrey    Warrington McCullough    James McKinnen    Gregg Miller    Priscilla Murphy    Joseph Paquette     Clifford Pearlman    Charlotte Phelps    Barbara Pilvin   Lucien Platt   Julia and David Pudlin   Michael Reed    Ted Robb    John Ryan    James F. Scharnberg    Deena Schneider    Richard Schneider    Amy Sepinwall    Roshan Shah   Betsy Sheerr   Lisa Slade Martin  Harold Starr Shelly Storbeck   Morris Swartz   Paul Tierney    David Toomey