Community Service Fellowship

Check back soon for more information on our recent fellowship recipients! 

The Yale Alumni Community Service Fellowship (YACSF) is one of the most important programs supported by The Yale Club of Philadelphia.

This program was initiated by the AYA in the fall of 1989 to provide Yale undergraduates and graduate/professional students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in full-time community service work during the summer months while still being able to earn sufficient funds to meet the required summer earnings component for students receiving financial aid from the University.

The Fellowship places Yale students in paid, eight-week, community service positions in cities across the country and abroad. The program is coordinated in partnership with the local Yale Clubs/Associations, which are responsible for:

1.   Selecting a non-profit, direct service work agency in conjunction with the AYA Staff;

2.   Raising funds for the stipend for the Summer Fellow(s); and

3.  Providing housing for the Summer Fellow(s) for the eight-week period of the Fellowship

Since its inception, over three hundred students have taken part in the program. The Yale Club of Philadelphia is proud to be one of only five Yale Clubs (the others are Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington) out of forty-eight to have participated in this program every summer since its inception in the summer of 1990.

The AYA requires a significant amount of direct contact with the ultimate beneficiaries of the served organization, rather than just helping the organization accomplish its goals, no matter how worthy those goals may be.

If you know of a non-profit organization that could benefit from having a Yale student work there next summer while providing that student with a meaningful experience, please contact 
Kay Tucker Franklin ’73.

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