Alumni Schools Committee (ASC)

The Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) interviews prospective Yale students in the Philadelphia area and submits reports to the Yale Admissions Office to become a part of the student’s application. Through the ASC, prospective students can contact Yale alumni to obtain additional information about the admissions process and the alumni’s experiences at Yale.  


  • October through November: ALUMNI NEEDED to interview Early Decision applicants. 
  • December 1: Interview Reports on Early Decision applicants are due. 
  • December through February: ALUMNI NEEDED to interview Regular Decision applicants. 
  • February 15: Interview Reports on Regular Decision applicants are due. 
  • Mid-March: Yale’s Admissions Office selects applicants for admission. 
  • April: Applicants are informed by Yale’s Admissions Office of acceptance or rejection. ASC contacts accepted applicants to encourage them to say “Yes” to Yale. 
  • May 1: Deadline for student acceptance. 
  • May 15: The ASC provides a summary of admissions results to the Council of the Yale Club.

If this is an area where you would like to volunteer, contact Deena or Tom Schneider.

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