JULY 1 – 31, 2021

Saturday, July 17, 1 – 4 pm
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Rebekah Callaghan, From The Morning  60" x 51"  Oil On Canvas
Kati Gegenheimer, Stars 40″ x 32″Oil And Acrylic On Canvas“

I was here.
You were here. 
I am here. You are here.
Stars aligned.
Stars align.”

 In her paintings, Kati Gegenheimer uses color, pattern, decoration, and symbolism as ways to express love, ritual, and radical sentimentality. Her sensitivity to touch and brushwork on the canvas as a love letter to being present in a moment; asking us to slow down to see the everyday magic that we often only glance out of the corner of our eye  – a shimmer, a twinkle, a cloud passing in the blue sky, a butterfly hovering to look at you.  Gegenheimer emphasizes this need to be present in the moment. 

She writes: “Time stopped when you entered the room.
You are here for a reason, at this very moment.
Some would say it is luck, others would say it was meant to be.”

The title of the show, Stars Align is particularly appropriate since the works in this exhibition were made in the winter of 2020 and spring of 2021 – shortly after Gegenheimer moved back to Philadelphia, just as the pandemic was coming to an end and at the time the opportunity for Gegenheimer’s first solo exhibition came together. It was important to the artist that this inaugural show took place in Philadelphia, given her personal history in the city.  The artist says, “In nature, stars don’t really align but in a metaphorical sense, situations do come together like magic. When this happens, and you can recognize it, it can be like music, it can be like a painting.  When the elements come together harmoniously, they can transform into something completely new.”

Gegenheimer received her BFA in Printmaking and Art History from Tyler School of Art and Architecture in 2007 and her MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Yale School of Art in 2013. Her most recent group exhibitions include Good Pictures, curated by Austin Lee at Jeffrey Deitch, NY, NY and In Between the Lines, curated by Karen Tepaz + Jason Segall, Steuben Gallery at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. An excerpt from a larger research project about Painters and Teaching was recently included in Precog Volume 6, titled On Teaching, Art and Webs, Kati Gegenheimer & Jenny Snider. Stars Align is Gegenheimer’s first solo exhibition. She is newly represented by Gross McCleaf in Philadelphia, PA. Gegenheimer lives and works in Philadelphia.