May 10: Annual Meeting

May 10, 2017, 5:30-7:30
A special lecture by our 2016 Graduate Fellow, the Club Annual Meeting,
and a Reception at the historic Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
118-128 N. Broad Street


Death on the Pale Horse: Benjamin West and the End of Universal History

Pennsylvanian Benjamin West (1738-1820) spent nearly the entirety of his career in London, where he became President of Britain’s Royal Academy of Arts and taught many of the first generation of noted American painters, including John Trumbull and Gilbert Stuart. In the 1770s, he revolutionized historical painting by producing epic renderings of scenes from recent British history in works such as The Death of General Wolfe and The Battle of the Boyne. His increasing preference for religious and Romantic imagery during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars culminated in 1817’s monumental Death on the Pale Horse, on view at PAFA. Examination of that painting, alongside two earlier treatments of the same scene from 1783 and 1796, offers a privileged view into the increasing difficulty of visualizing the timeless in an epoch of unprecedented political upheaval.


Annual meeting agenda: 

  • Welcome /Introductions
  • Financial Report
  • Summary of 2016-2017 Club Activities
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Summer Fellowships
  • Yale Club Book Award
  • Alumni Schools Committee
  • Questions / Discussion


Cost for the lecture and reception is $20.   To register please click here