Letter from the President


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July 21, 2015
Mr. or Ms. Yale Alum
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Town in Delaware Valley, PA/NJ ZCode

Dear Yale alumni, Club supporters, and members of Yale’s local community:

Our club successfully completed one more year while supporting and celebrating Yale alumni and our alma mater. Please take a moment to look at recent initiatives and at future ones.

First, thank you for contributing ideas, time or energy to organize events for the benefit of the entire Yale community in our area. As the year unfolded, many alumni participated in planning and organizing events. In particular, thank you for your commitment and energy to:

Lisa Slade Martin (’83) Rhasaan Nichols (’08) Kay Tucker Franklin (’73) Marcia Taylor (’80 MD)
Mark Curchack (’69) Silvia Shin Lisnoff (’96) Jackie Buhn (’73) Jim Hartman (’72)
Marshall Hamilton (’62) Dale Parenti (’77) Jessica Jeffers (’09) Jim Poinsett (’05 MDiv.)
Gittel Hilibrand (’90) Sam Snead (’72) Jim Gerhardt (’76) Alvin Holm (‘58,’61MArch.)
Caroline Packard (’81) Joel Katz (’65,’67MFA) Barbara Pilvin (’76MA) ElizabethMahon(’84MArch.)

The large number and variety of club events reflected diverse interests.  As a result, club events drew participants from more segments of the Yale community and fulfilled the goal of connecting with more alumni.  Thank you to all participants in the Speaker Series who shared their professional interests or research papers, and personal hobbies, and to Celeste Mann and Joshua Taton for starting the book reading and Fairmont running groups.

Looking ahead, our club’s Council is developing an ambitious schedule of exceptional events, like those enjoyed last year listening to the Whiffenpoofs or Yale speakers at the Barnes. Mark November 10 on your calendar.  President Peter Salovey will be visiting Philadelphia. We are planning to introduce the Yale Alumni College. Its small discussion seminars led by Yale-trained scholars will remind you of stimulating classes on Yale’s campus. We are also looking to schedule a second Yale Day of Service and expand to other volunteer opportunities.

Next year, Katherine Butler (YC’10) will be the new chair of our Young Alums committee. She is moving from Chicago where she was an important and energetic contributor in that city’s Yale club. She brings exciting, innovative ideas. Connect with her and become an active member of our local young Yale community. Kate is on the National Board of Yale Women and it should surprise no one if a chapter starts here in the near future.

If you are curious about anything highlighted here, connect with one of the Council members. Our club’s Council meetings are open to all Yalies. If you want to come to a meeting, just let me know when you would like to join us.

We need your contributions and participation to fulfill our mission. We do not receive financial support from Yale. Everyone has a busy schedule. The challenge is to find time to engage with local Yale alumni. Here’s how you can join other Yalies and make a difference:

*  Donations – Your generosity fund expenses for web software licensing, speakers from New Haven, student singing groups and supports other club activities including book awards for promising high school students, recruiting efforts of the Alumni Schools Committee, working at the inspiring Yale Day of Service locations and funding two summer fellowships–one for a graduate student conducting research in our area and one for an undergraduate working at a not-for-profit human service organization.

Go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/join-the-yale-club-of-philadelphia-tickets-12263968861
OR, Mail your check to our Treasurer: Marshall Hamilton, 18 Lakewood Drive, Media, PA 19063 $50 is the suggested annual contribution for alumni and $25 for recent graduates (2006-15). Please consider  a larger donation if you prefer to earmark  it for a particular club activity.

* TimeSweat equity” will be very much appreciated, especially from recent graduates. Help is always welcomed for checking guest lists at events (that gets a free event admission to a volunteer Young Alum). To participate in a club committee or help organize an event, write your email address and phone number here https://yaleclubphiladelphia.org/contact/

If you are inclined to help recruit students or prepare communications. connect with Deena Schneider (’71), Ralph Hirshorn (’60), Anna Swan (’10), or Brad Baer (’11 M.Arch). They deserve special recognition for their leadership of the alumni schools Committee, book awards program, club communications, and website design/content. They will welcome your support for these critical areas of club operations.

* Ideas – Send your name and the topic of expertise if you want to participate in the Speaker Series or write your comments or suggestions here. https://yaleclubphiladelphia.org/contact/

Boola, Boola.

Pedro Geraldino, President