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YALE CLUB OF PHILADELPHIA                                                                                 

Open, Connected, Innovative, Inspired

August 1, 2014

Dear Yale alum,

As the new President of the Yale Club of Philadelphia, I am inviting you to engage more with our alumni club, an extension of the Yale community you first experienced when you lived in New Haven. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have some of the same classmates and friends you had back in your New Haven days. If not, the Yale club opens the opportunity to develop new connections and friends, becoming linked to the local Yale network.

The Yale Club of Philadelphia strives to support and celebrate alumni in all stages of life, regardless of whether you play violin in a string quartet, stage a dramatic play, umpire cricket games or write a book. We care about fellow alumni, celebrate their accomplishments and want to support them through the major transitions in life: coming to Philadelphia for graduate or professional studies or accepting a new job.

We support Yalies advancing their academic careers by funding a graduate research internship. We were quite innovative in this regard. Until recently, our club was the only one doing this and other clubs have started emulating this effort.

The club does not act insulated from its surroundings in Philadelphia. We strive to connect with the local museums and institutions that can contribute to our quest for lifelong learning, whether it is the Philadelphia Art Museum, the Chemical Heritage Foundation, the Academy of Natural Sciences, the Underground Railroad Museum or Penn’ s Museum of Archeology.

As Yale graduates, we belong to a very special group who were given the opportunity to develop skills under the tutelage of distinguished faculty and with access to unparalleled resources in New Haven. Most of us feel an obligation to use those acquired skills to make a difference, to improve our lot in life and to make where we live and work a better place for all. That is why our club is inspired to give back in Philadelphia. Every year we sponsor an undergraduate student to work here for the full summer, encouraging and rewarding service to community.

We can reach out only to the extent that fellow alumni want to extend themselves with their time, talent and funds. We do not receive any financial support from Mother Yale. Like everyone else, you have a busy schedule. We urge you to find the time to become engaged in our alumni club. Come to one of the happy hours or social gatherings. Give us your ideas. Make a donation to continue research and community service internships. We need your help, time, ideas and money to do more. Be proud. Be grateful. Join other Yalies making a difference in Philadelphia.

Boola, Boola. On behalf of the alumni club,

Pedro Geraldino, President


To contribute on line, go to:

Or mail your check to our club’s Treasurer: Mr. Marshall Hamilton, 18 Lakewood Drive, Media, PA 19063

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