ANNOUNCEMENT: Officers & Other Members of Council Were Elected at Annual Meeting, May 7

Officers & Other Members of Council To Be Elected at Annual Meeting, May 7


The governing  body of the Yale Club of Philadelphia is the Council, a group of six officers and six other Members of Council plus the Immediate Past President of the Club, ex-officio. The Officers and Members of Council are elected by the membership of the Club in even numbered years.


The slate for election is selected by a Nominating Committee from incumbent Council members and candidates nominated by themselves or others. This year’s Nominating Committee is Paul Tierney ’61, Duane Malm ’54, Lisa Slade Martin ’83, and Erin Coffey ’09.


The Nominating Committee presents the following slate for consideration by the membership:


President                     Pedro Geraldino           ‘72

Vice President              Neil Hoffman               ‘64

Treasurer                     Marshall Hamilton        ‘62

Asst Treasurer             Jim Hartman                ‘72

Secretary                     Marcia Taylor              ’80 MD

Asst Secretary             Kate Bowden               ‘10

Member of Council       Colly Burgwin               ‘74

Member of Council       Dr. Mark Curchack       ‘69

Member of Council       Anthony Kyriakakis      ‘98

Member of Council       Rev. James Poinsett     ’05 MDiv

Member of Council       Lisa Slade Martin           ‘83

Member of Council       Anna Swan                    ‘10


Immediate Past President   Catherine Lafarge         ’66 PhD


You are cordially invited to attend the Annual Meeting on May 7 to enjoy a talk by a a Yale PhD ’74 and a University of Pennsylvania faculty member, to share camaraderie, and to elect the leadership of our Club for the next two years.