Past Event: Dinosaurs Unearthed at the Academy of Natural Sciences, March 27


On March 27 listen to Yale Prof. Richard Prum and examine the special exhibit “Dinosaurs Unearthed” at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Who: An ecology and evolutionary biology expert and Head Curator of Zoology at the Peabody.

When: Visit the special exhibit starting at 5:30PM. Lecture at 6:30PM. Grazing reception with wine and beer open bar to quench the thirst of a Tyrannosaurus Rex starts at 7:30PM.

Where: The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University at 1900 Franklin Parkway.

Prof. Richard Prum graduated in 1982 Cum Laude from Harvard with an A.B. in Biology and in 1989 from the University of Michigan with a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences. After a brilliant early career traveling the globe to record avian mating songs and dances, Prof. Prum made a string of discoveries that have reshaped the field’s understanding of such fundamental questions as what feathers are for and how mating rituals drive avian evolution.

If one trait has defined his scientific pursuits, it is his insistence on rejecting scientific dogma and finding answers from nature itself. Partly in recognition of his skill at bridging disciplines, Prof. Prum was the recipient of a 2009 MacArthur Foundation Fellowship.

Come and listen to Why Birds Are Dinosaurs — and Why It Matters.

For thousands of years, birds have been viewed as a special group of animals, set apart from other creatures by virtue of their extraordinary biology. But in the past few decades, researchers have established that birds are actually a living lineage of theropod (“beast-footed”) dinosaurs. Indeed, dinosaurs did not go extinct: they are the most diverse group of vertebrates on the planet today! Richard Prum, the William Robertson Coe Professor of Ornithology at Yale, will tell us how scientists arrived at this realization, and how it has transformed our understanding of both birds and dinosaurs.

Recent Yale Graduates (’09-’13) and their guests – $25 each

Yale Club members and their guests – $35 each

Non-members and their guests – $45 each

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