PAST EVENT: Maya 2012: Lords of Time

The Yale Club of Philadelphia invites you to

a lecture and exhibit at the Penn Museum of Archaeology

Maya 2012: Lords of Time
And it shall come to pass that when the 13th baktun comes to an end, so will the world. Everything shall be destroyed in an apocalypse.”

The ancient Maya calendar foretold – or so many believed – the world would end this month (either December 21 or 23 according to different experts).The exhibit debunks this myth.

The show explores the art, architecture and other achievements of Copan, a major Maya city and a World Heritage site in what is now Honduras. The Penn museum has been digging Copan out of the forest since 1989 and has put together a display of objects recently excavated, augmented by reproductions of large-scale stone monuments, interactive videos, a smart phone app and an audio tour. Come to find where this prediction of an imminent apocalypse originates.

Among the myths the exhibition seeks to debunk is that the Maya civilization suffered a complete collapse before the Spaniards arrived. While Copan and many major urban centers were felled by the related ills of drought, warfare, soil exhaustion and overpopulation, other Maya cities grew in power and flourished until the 16th-century Spanish Conquest. That event truly was apocalyptic, because of Spanish brutality and, even more so, smallpox epidemics.

David McCormick, archaeologist and consultant at Penn’s museum, will tell us about the Maya, Copan, their writing and calendar. This lecture by an expert is not available to the public and it is a difficult to get special treat only for Yale Club members. It will also inform us about the Mayan writing system that has been called “the most complicated in human history.” The Maya calendar isn’t much simpler—a testament to the culture’s astronomical and mathematical sophistication.

WHERE:  University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, 3260 South Street, Philadelphia, (215)-898-4000

WHEN: Saturday, January 5, 2013. Yale group gathers at 10:30 AM. Lecture at 11:00 AM. Visit exhibits at your leisure after the lecture.

DONATIONS……. $ 10 for Yale Club members currently studying at Penn
.…………………… $ 20 for other Yale Club members, and $40 for non-club members

[Hint for Maya math majors: cost of Yale Club membership plus two club tickets equals cost of two non-club tickets.]

Your donation includes: Admission to lecture, entire museum and Maya exhibit with audio tour. To make your donations CLICK HERE
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Marshall Hamilton, 18 Lakewood Drive, Media, PA 19063.
Pick up your tickets at the box office. For questions, contact Pedro Geraldino’72 (

 The end of time.     That day is close at hand.